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"About 100 years ago...Ladies paid five cents to join the Presto Piano Club...Seven female pianists, determined to practise their art, formed the Ladies Musical Club in February 1898. By April, they were calling themselves the Presto Piano Club. The membership fee was five cents. Hoping to share its musical talent with others, the club sponsored its first public concert at the City Hall on March 28, 1901, with tenor Adam Dockray from Toronto."

Fast forward to the year 2002. Four amateur pianists started the first piano club in Rockland County, New York, with two goals in mind:

The first was to hold a series of programs to support talented local musicians and accomplished pianists, composers and young artists in the Hudson Valley.

The second was to create a supportive environment where adults who loved the piano could meet, share their music and enjoy the camaraderie of other "grownups who want to play".

If you are an artist who would like to be featured in one of our programs or if you have questions about the piano club please contact us.


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