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Dead Pianists Society

Dead Pianists Society programs are held in public libraries. Sit back, relax, enjoy the music and learn about the life and times of the person behind the great works. Read more...


Salon concerts are intimate performances held in private homes. Salons feature accomplished young pianists who are studying at a college or conservatory of music. Read more...

Grownups Who Want to Play

Our piano club meetings offer a supportive environment where adults who love the piano can meet, share their music and enjoy the camaraderie of other "grownups who want to play".


The Piano Club supports local composers by commissioning their works and by providing venues to present these works to the public. In 2004, the Club provided additional funding to support John Lampkin's "George Washington Selpt Here". On May 22nd, 2005 we will hold a gala fundraiser featuring the award-winning chamber music of Mr. Lampkin.







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2005 benefit concert

May 22, 2005
George Washington, The Hudson Valley Piano Club, the Palisades Virtuosi, and Rockland composer John Lampkin will join forces for a gala fundraising event...
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2004 benefit concerts

June 5, 2004
Ludmilla Berkwic Benefit Concert honoring the life and music of Ludmilla Berkwic.