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about us

The Hudson Valley Piano Club was founded in 2002 to support talented pianists and composers. The club also provides adult pianists with an opportunity to meet and share their music. Through its Salons, commissioning, and educational programs, the Piano Club promotes the arts in the Hudson Valley region of New York State.

our mission

The Hudson Valley Piano Club

... provides accomplished pianists, composers and young talent with opportunities for increased exposure and artistic growth by fostering the creation, performance, dissemination, and appreciation of their music.

...expands the audience of educated music lovers by creating an intimate, personal environment for the amateur listener to connect to music.

...supports the artistic growth of amateur adult pianists who meet and share music in a friendly, supportive environment with other "grownups who want to play".

we accomplish this by:

  • Sponsoring salon performances in private homes.
  • Funding educational programs that support professional growth.
  • Awarding scholarships to support the artistic pursuits of pianists.
  • Commissioning works of composers.
  • Establishing partnerships which create opportunities for pianists.

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